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Programming & Trainings

CIE hosts a variety of workshops, programs and trainings each year that are designed to provide students with a space to have transformational conversations, explore concepts of identity and inclusion and process timely, global and domestic occurrences.


Past Programs
  • TED Talk and TableĀ 
  • Social Justice Book Club
  • Halloween: Objectification and Appropriation
  • Dialogue with the Associate Deans: Belonging and Community at Northeastern

Affinity Groups

Our affinity groups provide us with an opportunity to meet those with similar identities, including those that may not be evident.


Past Programs
  • Student, Faculty and Staff Experiences with Foster Care/Adoption
  • First Generation College Student Social
  • Low Income College Student Gathering
  • International LGBTQA Identities Social

Support & Advocacy Programs

A key tenet of CIE is to provide students with access to programs and services both on and off campus that support student health and development.


Past Programs
  • Identity-Based Trauma Therapy Group
  • Tea Talks for Multiracial Students
  • Women of the Diaspora

Collaborations & Partnerships

CIE prides itself by partnering with student organizations, academic departments and campus offices to enhance our programming and expand our audience.

Past Collaborations
  • Summer Discussion Series (with the LGBTQA Resource Center)
  • Culture of Health Book Club (with Bouve College of Health Sciences)
  • Traveling Canvas Project (with College of Professional Studies)
  • MAJIC (with Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service)
  • Inclusion in the Humanities (With OIDI and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities)
  • Venetian Mask Making (with Office of Global Services and the Italian Club)

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